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Integrated Material Handling Equipment Sdn Bhd (IMHE) was established in Malaysia in June 1996. IMHE deals with material handling equipment mainly sales and rental of reconditioned forklifts. The Company has a wide variety of forklifts in terms of capacity, which ranges from 1.5 ton to 15 tons. Most of its forklifts operate on IC (internal combustion) engines. The IC range runs on either petrol/gasoline or diesel. At present, competition amongst companies in the forklift industry is at its keenest in the mid to lower capacity range while there is an especially high consumer demand for forklifts under the 3-ton capacity category. Consequently, this leaves the market for high capacity forklifts largely untapped. IMHE has decided to take advantage of this opportunity to expand by venturing into this sector and in time, create a niche for itself in the business of high capacity forklifts.

Over the years, IMHE has expanded its fleet of forklifts to include many well-known and respected brands with names like Toyota, Nissan, Mitsubishi , Caterpillar and TCM. Besides our headquarter in Puchong, Selangor, we also have branches in Lumut, Kemaman and Malacca.